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Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United Kingdom


SaS - Mentors' Introduction by Miatronix
SaS - Mentors' Introduction
Once again Vevette made a preview picture at the speed of light and said preview picture might change if it is the will of the all llamighty Miatronix

The leaders and mentors are introduced !

After The Azraels are driven away and once the port retrieved its usual peace, you get to meet your future mentor, as well as your boss.

It is time for you to chose who will be teaching you.

As a bonus mission, you can make 2 gold and 50 silver for a short comic, text or flash about your character meeting with their new mentor.

The flash was made by Miatronix
Texts by Vevette and Miatronix
Characters belong to Miatronix and Vevette
The music was found on
SaS - Chapter 1 Part 1 by Miatronix
SaS - Chapter 1 Part 1

In which Vevette put up a preview picture at the speed of light, a picture which may or may not be changed later on, depending on Miatronix's desires.

This is :iconskyandseasrp: first mission.

The port is under attack by the pirates and you found refuge among the best warriors.


It could be your choice to fight with them, to run or to stay close and stay safe. Chapter 1 part 1 starts when you just found refuge close to one of the factions. It is up to you to depict how your character reacts to the attack, what he/she does and what happens next.


Do they ask right away to join the faction or walk back home and think about it ?


Your Chapter 1 Part 1 should start with the attack and end showing clearly what faction your character chose.



 Bonus points (read: gold) if you make another comic, text or flash about your character meeting with their new mentor and moving to their new home.


Optional mission:

:bulletblue:Filibusters: Everyone have to work on the filibusters’ ships, even if they are stationed at Port Edwards. Tasks range from cleaning the deck to checking the sails, taking care of Gustave the giant pelican, tidying up the ship’s hold and so on. Auxence, Kira and Alfonse are very strict on that. And then, after a tough day’s work, you will be brought to the tavern where Auxence will offer you as much alcohol as you can drink. Why don’t you try to drink more than him ? You will be surprised to realize that no matter how much he ingests, the filibusters’ leader cannot get drunk. He can still get sick from drinking too much though, especially if he ate not too long ago.


:bulletblue:Magic Knights: There is a strict code to abide to once you become a Magic Knight. They are known as nobles, after all. Before you even learn how to fight like them, you will be taught how to behave like one of them. You will learn the good manners: how to greet people, how to hold a correct conversation, how to dress and, finally, you will attend a banquet in the Gemma Edwards family where your manners will be put to test. Isaac will be watching you closely. Try to impress him.


:bulletblue:Pirates: To be a pirate, you’ve got to have some guts. Scratch that, you’ve got to have lots of guts. You have to be capable of showing that you can be as tough as the rest of the crew. The Azraels will bring you to a small island close to Port Edwards and order you to join in killing a few fisherman and stealing money and goods from a few houses. Can you do it? They will also have you fight against your fellow recruits to obtain the right to eat supper. Will you go to bed on an empty stomach?




    Chapter 1 Part 1

    You get 6 pieces of gold and 50 silver for completing Chapter 1 Part 1.

    You get to chose between 1 accessory or 1 piece of clothing or 1 secondary weapon from the [store (link will be available at the beginning of Ch1Part2)].



    You get 2 pieces of gold and 50 silver.


    Optional mission:

    You get 3 pieces of gold and 50 silver

    You get 1 simple dagger.

The flash was made by Miatronix
Story by Vevette and Miatronix
Characters belong to Miatronix and Vevette
The music was found on

Dec 17, 2014
:iconmiatronix:Miatronix has changed their username (formerly MokoMia)

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