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Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United Kingdom


-Eclair Express- Linly-Mae Slen by Miatronix
-Eclair Express- Linly-Mae Slen
:iconeclairexpress: :iconeclairexpress: :iconeclairexpress:

  • Basic Information:

[ Name ]
                  Linly-Mae Slen    
[ Alias ]                    Lin / Lily / Mae / Lim
[ Gender ]                Female
[ Age ]                      20
[ Species ]                Human
[ Height/Weight ]   161cm / 50 kg
[ Job ]                      Potion Maker (Alt. : Nurse)
[ Birthday ]              Winter 7th
[ Orientation ]         Straight 

  • Gifts:

salmon heart bullet [ Loved Gifts ]salmon heart bullet 

"What? For me? Wh-...Thank you so much, you really are a thoughtful person."

- Pancakes
- Any kind of Goblins plushes
- Masks
- Hot chocolate with marshmallow and chantilly and strawberries and blueberries inside, PLUS a quarter of a green apple AND lots of love 
( A really weird mix his brother Rodrick used to make her.)
- Skulls

Music [ Liked Gifts ]Music

"Oh it's really nice of you. Thank you."

- Books of recipes
- Calmar (not to eat but as a pet?)
- Any oriental dishes
- Toffee Beer
- Any kind of Wizard plushes

Broken Heart - Emote [ Disliked Gifts ]Broken Heart - Emote 

"Hmm...It's the thought that counts."

- Jam
- Carrot dishes except carrot cake
- Attention-seeking accessories
- Raisin

Death [ Hated Gifts ]Death 

"...I see how it is."

- Eggs dishes.
- Palm Cats (she's cared of them)
- Noisy clocks

  • Biography:

[ Personality ]

Naive | Overcritical | Touchy | Calm | Polite | Determined 

[ Calm ]

Linly-Mae is quite a calm person, mostly thanks to her mask which makes her more confident in meeting people.

Even though she likes to joke around, she is physically pretty slow because of her small health problems. Not used to playing sport or moving a lot in general, she mostly enjoys walks, especially during spring. As she is rather slow, she feels like she's not often showing the right facial expression at the right moment. 

She rarely gets angry, but when she does, the context is often because someone wasn't being careful about themselves or didn't acknowledge how important they could be to her.  However, she's not the type to scream about how angry she can be, she would most likely wait, maybe ask a few questions so the person would understand by themselves the reason of her anger on their own.

[ Naive ]

Even though she's not the typical super naive character that we can all think of, she is a little bit naive when it comes to talking to people. Since she didn't grew up around many friends, but mostly her family (and yet she was mostly putting her nose in her books most of the time), she didn't learn a lot about "traditionnal" ways to react to certain words or actions. However, she did learn how to recognize feelings as she often saw her father nervous when thinking about a patient in a bad healthy situation.

[ Determined ]

Very ambitious, she hopes to help people thanks to her concoction and to achieve this goal she tries to better accept critics little by little. 

[ Overcritical ]

She doesn't tend to lie, at the contrary she's quite frank, maybe even a bit too much, even to herself. It will happen that her extreme honesty hurts someone, later on, after a conversation, she got used to send a letter to that person about what has been said and about their relationship, as it's easier for her to express her feelings more carefully on paper. She may be frank with others but she's also critical over herself and is often isn't unsatisfied with her work. On that matter, she likes to get criticism implying both good and bad things...Usually she prefers when people point out the bad things so she improve.

[ Touchy ]

If given a bad critic that only states facts and explains nothing, she will more or less sulk. She gets more touchy over whatever isn't part of her work.

  • History:

Raised in a rather wealthy family composed of her father ( Marshall Slen ) and her two big twin brothers ( Rodrick and Aeren Slen) she had quite a normal life in the bright capital. Even though she was easily tired and sleepy most of the time, she enjoyed her days spent with her twins, as well as practicing magic whenever no one was aroung. While her brothers were pranking everybody around in their neighborhood, she was the one reading books on the steps to her house's front door. Being quite shy in general, she one day tried on one of her father's mask and realized it helped her feeling more confident when talking to people. Ever since, she took the habit to wear it at all times. Eventually, she grew affection to masks in general and began making them as a hobby.
Her father, a doctor, once succeeded at healing a young woman after a bunch of his compairs claimed her malady incurable. Admiring him so much, Lin decided to learn more about medicine, and more particularly about potions. Seeing her so dedicated, her father decided to look for a town that would offer an ideal job as potion maker and magician. That's when they both found the flyer about Toffee Town. She got to keep her favorite mask in order to remember the close relation she has with her family, and because she's used to wear it all the time of course.

She decided she would take the train, not because she disliked the idea of being on a boat, but because she enjoys looking at the forest landscape the most while travelling.

It is a on a sunny day that she left her father and her two brothers on the platform at the station, teary eyed but determined. They promised to send letters every week and to visit whenever she could take vacations.

[Alternative if not a potion maker: Waiting for a possible place in the Ambrosia Alchemy shop, she works at the Caramel Clinic as she always watched her father doing his profession she learned a lot of things. ]

  • Additional Info:

- In her spare time, she likes to take pictures of everything and nothing to fill her scrapbook with cherished memories. (Waiting to get the camera for that trait.)
- She enjoys to write letters to her future self.
- She collects/makes masks of all type, and a damn lot of Llama plushes. 
- Llamas are her favorite animals.
-She exposed her favorite letters above her bed in their respective envelope.
-Brother !
  • Roleplay Methods/Availability

Line | Skype | Email | Google Doc , using Semi Lit | Script 

I want to be able to log the RP easily so I'll have a preference for Google Doc. I just dislike rp in comments and dA notes.

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